CRX Fender Flares.
CRX Fender flares.

CRX Fender kit.

4 pc's modale to body. fiberglass gray or black Color. shipping 2-3 weeks. No Hardware.

CRX Flares.
CRX fender flares front and rear.

Extreme weather! protection flares.

ZG bolt on flares.
Skyline with ZG Flares.
MR-2 JDM Flares
S2000 Flares.
Buddha Flares 5”inch.


5”in it’s our widest flare we have, made of fiberglass easy to do any modification. 

Buddha flares.

$280 regular price 
Now $240.00 
5''in Wide rear
4''in front.

Buddha flares! our Extreme flares. No hardware.
Color gray.
1-2 weeks shipping.

US shipping $35

Z kit.
Jendosa Fender Flares

Z kit
front 3"inch wide, rear 4"in.

  G' day Mate! yes ship to Australia 1-2 weeks, shipping world wide $60 US.Canada $39.
US $35
Color gray, paintable, 4pc's, made of fiberglass, No Hardware included sorry mate!
Reg $280

Now $180.00

No sale in eBay. Only on our site.


eBay. Sorry" No more sale in there, too many copy cat's, you can spend hrs and hrs looking for ZG, JDM Fender Flares and to end up what is not, they use our customers picture to make you believe that’s what you be getting and end up with something else. We link site’s of our customers with our products.